Help: My boyfriend won’t let me wear make up

Question: I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly a year. I love him however he makes me so sad sometimes. The other day I decided to wear make up to school and he had a go at me when I saw him after school. He told me that he doesn’t like it when I wear make up. It upset me a little however I thought he would just prefer it that I didn’t wear it, however I then painted my nails when I went to visit him and he didn’t talk to me for nearly 2 hours. I don’t know what to do. I love him but I also really enjoy wearing make up.

Answer: My boyfriend doesn’t like it when I wear make up either. When we’re going out I reserve the last 10 minutes to apply my face as it is said, and more times than not he will say “but you don’t need to wear make up.” I’m starting to think that boys really don’t mind it when their girlfriends have absolutely no make up on their face, and that’s the way it should be.

Cosmetic beauty only gets a girl so far, however it’s also a big part of a lot of girls lives. My best friend works for Christian Dior and her whole life is make up, and that’s not a bad thing at all. Have you told your boyfriend that you enjoy wearing make up? He may be trying to tell you that you’re wasting your time by making the extra effort when you see him, since he thinks your beautiful with or without it.

However your letter concerns me a little. By the way your boyfriend is expressing anger at you and is ignoring you for a long time, it sounds like he is using methods to control you mentally. I don’t wish to upset you however a boyfriend should never make his girlfriend feel sad like that. Be honest with him, tell him you don’t like it when he treats you like this, and if he’s a boy worth keeping then he’ll understand and apologise.

Good luck, and you keep wearing make up if you want to. It’s your decision, no one else’s.


LDR’s… The future of romance or immature fantasies?

Long distance relationships are an interesting conversation topic for me. Mainly because I’ve been in a few myself. My most serious one actually lasted for two years. Whilst I was in it I wouldn’t have defined it as long distance, but looking back I guess it kind of was. We met through a mutual friend and he attended a High School in my hometown however he actually lived over 20 miles away. 

I remember being annoyed one day because we had plans to meet however they got cancelled through travelling difficulties. I was a little upset and I remember my mum saying “Well, that’s what happens when you choose to date someone who lives far away.”

This is the only memory I have of being upset whenever I couldn’t see a boyfriend of mine. Maybe my mum kicked any sensitivity I had over it out of me, I’m not really sure. Since then me and that particular boy went our separate ways and I didn’t stop falling for boys that didn’t live close to me. 

I found out that I absolutely despised the idea of dating a boy whom my friends had already dated in the past. I nearly tried it once, I flirted online with one of my close friend’s ex and it was really fun, however thinking back it was total rebound, and it’s relief nothing progressed. The actual flirting was fun and he initiated it, however I then pestered him about meeting in person for ‘coffee’ and he got annoyed at me after a while. Oops?

But as the saying goes… and one my ex was rather fond of… “Don’t start something you cannot finish.”

So, the perfect answer to preventing that horrible situation from happening was finding boys that were far away. And it worked. I’ve been in three serious relationships including my current one and all of them including my not so serious experiences have been with boys that only I have touched. Well not only I, but in my friendship circle I. And I love that.

I understand that it can work, since your man and your friend just “weren’t compatible” and “we work so much better as friends” and “I never really liked him anyway” and “You can have him whilst I bitch about you behind you back” HOWEVER for me and judging by the girls I choose to spend my social life with…. trust me, it’s better this way.

The internet is amazing thing for relationships, in my opinion. No really I think it is. It gives you the opportunity to meet people you wouldn’t have met in real life and you may never get to meet. It’s easy to find people who have the same interests as you and if you and someone else like the same bands and enjoy the same tv shows, chances are you’re going to get on well. 

People say long distance relationships are stupid however I don’t think so. I once heard of a guy who started dating a girl and after two months of being together he had to move away from her for three years. And even though they could only be with each other physically twice a year for those years, they stayed together. I found that remarkable. It gave me hope for the people I know who are dating their SO online.

Personally however I could never do one again. My better half is a boy I went to school with, and I spent 7 miserable years in that school. A lot of my memories (mostly bad) are from that school and now that I’ve experienced the feeling of being with someone who I can reminisce with, I don’t like the feeling of being without it.

With that said, I definitely do not regret my long distance relationships. Because of them, I don’t take my fella for granted. I make plans with him all the time, I get excited when I have plans to see him that evening, I don’t get sad when we have to cancel because I feel blessed that I can just see him the next day.

What are your views on long distance/online relationships? Are you currently in one? If you are or have been, has it taught you anything?

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